Will the Solar Car See The Light Of Day?


The prospect of a “solar” car seems to be deferred, at least for the time being. Signs of trouble emerged about a year ago when Lightyear, the startup, faced financial difficulties and entered a courtroom in February 2023 due to its red accounts. In October of the same year, the then-CEO Lex Hoefsloot declared the cessation of Lightyear 2 production.

Today, the company has announced a significant restructuring of its leadership, signaling a shift in its focus.

Leadership Changes

Hoefsloot is stepping down as the CEO of Lightyear. While the company’s press release mentions his continued involvement in supporting the transition in the coming months, the reins will be taken over by Bonna Newman, the former head of the photovoltaic panel division. Marnix Borghouts will assume the role of CFO.

Strategic Shift

This change in leadership clearly indicates that Lightyear is pivoting away from car production. Instead, it is redirecting its efforts towards supplying solar energy charging systems for electric cars.

The Fate of Lightyear 2

Newman sheds light on her new responsibilities:

“Lightyear has demonstrated how electric vehicles, highly efficient when combined with on-board solar energy, can accelerate the energy transition and benefit the entire world. Lightyear has laid the foundation for a new era of mobility powered by solar energy. I look forward to working with our extraordinary team and the automotive industry to ensure the best in-car solar technology is available to everyone.”

Notably, the press release does not refer to the Light-year 2, raising questions about the project’s status. While the model still appears on the company’s official website, one can register on a “waiting list” to stay informed about future developments. The absence of specific details leaves uncertainty regarding the fate of the Lightyear 2, suggesting it may have been abandoned or put on hold.

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