Volvo’s ‘this car’ imminent to be revealed with “some design”, owners go crazy saying this is a Chinese car


The unveiling of Volvo’s premium minivan EM90 is less than a week away. According to official data, this car is scheduled for its world premiere on the 12th of this month

Volvo EM90 not far away revealed

Minivan Volvo EM90 Ziker009 electric car

Meanwhile, teaser images related to EM90 are being released one by one. It was difficult to know exactly what kind of car the EM90 was, but it was possible to guess to some extent. So what kind of car is the EM90? Let’s take a look together.

Volvo EM90, what does it look like in the official image?

Minivan Volvo EM90 Ziker009 electric car

While various teasers have been released, the place with the most information is the rear part. At the rear, the tail lamp is reminiscent of the letter ‘H’. However, looking at the teaser images released earlier, the graphics are not completely connected in the form of ‘ㅏㅓ’. It is reported that ‘VOLVO’ lettering and chrome garnish will be applied between the empty tail lamps. For reference, in the case of lettering, it appears that a night-time lighting function will be applied.

Minivan Volvo EM90 Ziker009 electric car

As for the side part, the silhouette does not seem to be much different as the EM90 is based on the Zicker 009. The same goes for the charging port on the left front fender. However, it is expected that there will be a slight difference in the A-pillar. According to the image, there will be a double A-pillar so that the driver can secure a clear view. According to Volvo, this simultaneously maintains excellent safety levels.

Minivan Volvo EM90 Ziker009 electric car

According to Volvo’s website, among the three sides of the exterior, the front is the most difficult to guess. Although it is hard to see because it is hidden by the arm, it appears to be very similar to Volvo’s flagship electric SUV EX90. The difference is expected to be in the smoothly finished grille to emphasize the characteristics of an electric vehicle. The iron emblem and dot pattern graphics are visible, and according to the official image, the lights are expected to turn on.

In addition, according to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the size of EM90 is

Battlefield 5,206mm
full width 2,024mm
full report 1,859mm
wheelbase 3,205mm

all. It is similar in size to the Ziker 009 (overall length 5,209mm, total width 2,024mm, total height 1,848mm, wheelbase 3,205mm). For reference, it is larger in all parts than the Kia Carnival (length 5,155mm, width 1,995mm, height 1,775mm, wheelbase 3,090mm).

Volvo EM90, the interior will also be similar to the EX90

Minivan Volvo EM90 Ziker009 electric car

Meanwhile, based on Volvo’s website, the interior is equipped with the British high-end audio system Bowers & Wilkins. The roof is equipped with a dual panoramic sunroof with a large area. According to the industry, this place will reportedly create the Scandinavian atmosphere that Volvo continues to mention through various ambient lighting settings, including ambient.

Minivan Volvo EM90 Ziker009 electric car

The first and second row seats are equipped with ergonomic headrests that cover the head. In the case of second-row seats, left and right independent lounge seats are applied. In addition, various functions are provided, including heating and ventilation, massage function, reclining, electric leg rest, built-in folding table and cup holder, and armrest multi-function control.

Minivan Volvo EM90 Ziker009 electric car

Lastly, the display configuration is expected to have an almost similar structure to the EX90. The interior of the EX90 is quite simply structured, reminiscent of Tesla. The wide dashboard has an instrument panel and a 14.5-inch center display.

Volvo EM90, maximum driving range of 800km?

Minivan Volvo EM90 Ziker009 electric car

Lastly, it is difficult to know exactly the performance of the EM90 at this time, other than that it will run an electric powertrain based on official data. However, since it is based on the same platform as Zeeker 009, only a few guesses are possible.

According to the industry, EM90 is expected to be equipped with a 200kW single rear-wheel electric motor that produces a maximum output of 272 horsepower. It is reported that the basic driving method will be rear-wheel drive, but depending on the lineup, four-wheel drive dual electric motor specifications will also be provided.

Minivan Volvo EM90 Ziker009 electric car

The batteries are likely to be 116kWh and 140kWh Qilin battery packs incorporating CATL’s 3rd generation CTP battery technology. Likewise, this pack is also used in Zeeker 009. The industry predicts that if it actually enters EM90, there will be a slight difference, but based on CLTP, it will have a driving range of 702km and 822km on a single charge, respectively.

A word from the editor

Minivan Volvo EM90 Ziker009 electric car

Among Volvo’s lineup, the EM90 may have a particularly strong image among consumers as a ‘Chinese car’. There are many reasons, but as of now, this car is scheduled to be released in China first and that it is based on the ‘Zike 009’ mentioned earlier. Volvo is probably also aware of this, so what differentiation will they make when releasing the EM90 to the world? I’m looking forward to it.

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