Tesla At the Forefront of AI? Musk Wants to Increase His Share First


End of 2023, Elon Musk founded a new company: xAI, created to develop artificial intelligence in a neutral context compared to other projects where this technology is already applied, namely Tesla, which uses it for its autonomous driving systems and, of course, for the Tesla Bot project (which gave birth to the android Optimus) and for Space X, which looks at the colonization of other planets.

However, recently and in a subtly polemical manner as usual, the volcanic entrepreneur expressed doubts about the opportunity for Tesla to become a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, evoking his participation limited in constructor of electric cars, which currently stands at around 13%.

Meanwhile, the robot “grows”

The intelligent automaton project Optimus has made great progress over the past year. Initially, its action and interaction capabilities were very limited, but in December, during the presentation of the most recent version, which can be seen perfectly folding and sorting clothes in a recent video, Musk -even announced that the ambition was to introduce it into homes as a kind of all-rounder, an “artificial domestic” capable of carrying out various tasks.

Before then, Optimus would have to evolve to the point where he could contribute to other activities, perhaps performing tasks dangerous to humans, or becoming a part of complex operations such as production of cars themselves and making processes more efficient through its superior intelligence.

tesla optimus gen 2

The creation of xAI serves exactly this purpose, namely accelerate the development of artificial intelligence technology in a way that is not tied to individual applications and with resources and energy expressly dedicated to it. It is no coincidence that Musk himself “invited” the other companies he created to invest in xAI at the end of 2023. So where are the doubts?

Not less than 25%

The concerns are not so much about technology as about control, and refer to the question of its participation, which has been greatly reduced in recent years. He expressed them, as usual, in a short tweet (or rather a post on the new compensation plan that the company is preparing for his role as CEO.

The caller noted that Musk’s ownership guarantees huge gains and would in itself be more than enough motivation to try to grow the company, but the CEO seems to have a different opinion. His response is as follows:

“I’m not comfortable with Tesla becoming a leader in artificial intelligence and robotics without having about 25% of the voting rights. Which is enough to have influence, but not at point of not being able to be overturned.

Unless that’s the case, I’d rather build products outside of Tesla….. You don’t seem to understand that Tesla is not one startup, but a dozen. Just look at the delta between what Tesla and GM are doing.

As for whether stock ownership is in itself sufficient motivation, I know that Fidelity and other companies hold similar stakes. Why aren’t they showing up for work?”

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