“A loss of just a little bit?” Carnival Hybrid 1.43 million won is disappointing


Carnival Hybrid, is there a problem?

Kia Motors Carnival Hybrid Tax Benefit Minivan

There have been constant requests for the release of the Carnival Hybrid. In particular, around the time the news of the current 4th generation was released, the need was stronger than ever.

However, recently, the Carnival Hybrid has been attracting attention as it has been said that it will be difficult to exceed the level expected by consumers.

Carnival Hybrid, performance is adequate

Kia Motors Carnival Hybrid Tax Benefit Minivan

The new Carnival Hybrid is equipped with a combination of ‘1.6 gasoline turbo engine + electric motor + 6-speed automatic transmission’. It is a familiar combination already used by Hyundai Motor Group, such as Sorento and Santa Fe.

According to official data, the Carnival 1.6 Turbo Hybrid has a fuel efficiency of up to 14.0km/ℓ, a maximum output of 245 horsepower (maximum engine output of 180 horsepower), and a maximum system torque of 37.4kgf∙m (maximum engine torque of 27.0kgf∙m). .

Meanwhile, the launch prices released together are as follows depending on the trim.

prestige 39.25 million won, ▲ nobless 43.65 million won, ▲ signature 47 million won
nobless 46.19 million won, ▲ signature 49.75 million won

In a situation where it is difficult to meet the standards, what are the benefits of low pollution?

Kia Motors Carnival Hybrid Tax Benefit Minivan

Although it was a price and self-measurement standard, when performance information was released, consumers’ attention turned to ‘this’. The question is whether ‘eco-friendly car detergent is a hit’.

Currently, in order to receive eco-friendly vehicle certification in Korea, a combined mileage of 14.3 km/l must be exceeded. However, as mentioned earlier, the combined fuel efficiency announced by Kia is up to 14.0 km/l, which is 0.03 m/l short.

We will only know when the official certification results come out, but if 14.0 km/l is reported, the tax benefits will be lost from the first condition.

Carnival, what if it was classified as a large car?

Kia Motors Carnival Hybrid Tax Benefit Minivan

According to the Enforcement Rules of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s Automobile Management Act, the Carnival is legally classified as a mid-size car. If it is classified as a large vehicle, the standard is The combined fuel efficiency of 14.0 km/l announced by Kia is 13.8 km/l, which is sufficient to pass.

So what is the cutoff line for large cars? Currently, to be classified as a large vehicle, it must meet either engine displacement or vehicle size.

Kia Motors Carnival Hybrid Tax Benefit Minivan

First, if the Carnival Hybrid’s engine displacement exceeded 2000cc, it was classified as a large car and there was no difficulty in receiving tax benefits. What about the second size? According to the enforcement regulations of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy’s Automobile Management Act, the vehicle body size is

Battlefield : 4700mm
full width : 1700mm
full report : 2000mm

If it exceeds all of these, it is recognized as a large car. In the case of the new Carnival, there is no exact size information yet, but since it is a partial change, it is expected that there will be no significant change in size. In fact, if the size is the same as the previous model, the Kinnibal does not meet the previous criteria at 1775mm in total height.

A word from the editor

Kia Motors Carnival Hybrid Tax Benefit Minivan

Even after official certification, if the Carnival Hybrid does not meet the conditions for an eco-friendly car, what it will miss out on is a tax benefit worth 1.43 million won. Specifically, there is an individual consumption tax of 1 million won and an acquisition tax of 400,000 won.

Some predict that, like the Santa Fe, it will barely pass with restrictions on some options, but for now, it is just a wish. Can you truly receive the full benefits by meeting the standards perfectly?

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