Changes to Registration Card Prices in 2023: An Overview


Changes to Registration Card Prices in 2023: An Overview

If you are inquiring about potential alterations to registration card prices in 2023, it is essential to note that specific details may vary based on the type of registration and the governing authorities. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I cannot provide real-time information, so it’s advisable to consult the relevant local or national agencies responsible for the issuance of registration cards.

To ascertain whether registration card prices have changed in 2023, consider reaching out to the appropriate government departments, organizations, or entities overseeing the specific type of registration you are interested in. Official announcements, updated fee schedules, and relevant documentation from these authorities should offer the most accurate and current information regarding any adjustments to registration card prices in the year 2023.

Also called registration certificate, this document can currently be obtained by making an online request. However, the price of registration cards changes annually. Why does the cost of the registration certificate vary from one year to another? What changes should be noted for the year 2023? Which departments are affected by these changes and what can you do to find out the price of your registration card in advance?

Why do vehicle registration prices sometimes change?

Various reasons explain the annual change in the price of registration cards. First, this situation is explained by the different taxes that must be taken into account before calculating the price. These loads are modified according to several parameters. This mainly concerns the regional budget deficit and the compensation of the finances of the state. The purchase amount of the certificate varies according to these criteria. The Regional Councils set it.

Then, this fluctuation can be caused by the cost of registration. It is also influenced by the eco tax which is also called the ecological penalty. The price of this tax changes regularly. It is set according to the vehicle’s CO2 emission rate. However, so-called clean cars (hydrogen or electric) are exempt from this tax.

Finally, other taxes can influence the cost of the registration certificate. Firstly, there is the regional tax. It is the product between the amount of the tax horsepower of the region and the price of the tax horsepower of the car. The price of the regional tax must take into consideration the age of the car as well as the power of its engine. Each type of vehicle has its value.

In addition, there is the professional tax. This charge relates to utility vehicles. Its price depends on the total authorized weight. On the other hand, there is the fixed tax or the management tax. It rarely changes. Finally, there are royalty costs. Given all of the above, the price of a registration card varies in function the cost of the various taxes that must be paid before getting it.

Registration certificates: what will it be in 2023?

To preserve the purchasing power of the French, numerous measures have been put in place by the government. Through social assistance and other bonuses, citizens are less impacted by the current crisis. They can better afford the price of gas and electricity. To compensate for financial losses, some departments have increased the price of certain services. Among these services, there is the cost of the tax horse which impacts the price of the registration document.

Among the things that have changed for the year 2023 is the registration of used vehicles in remote regions or departments. When you go to the car park of certain car rental brands (Avis, Hertz, Europcar), you can see this. Indeed, we notice certain registration numbers such as 01, 60, and 76. This is not the result of chance. These are generally the French departments which have the lowest tax stamp.

Concerning hybrid vehicles, drivers can no longer benefit from an advantageous tax exemption as was the case last year. From 2023, regions such as Hauts-de-France, Pays de la Loire, Burgundy–Franche-Comté and Nouvelle-Aquitaine will collect 50% of the price of the registration document. These departments will be able to recover up to 13 million euros to remedy inflation.

The purpose of such a measure is that it aims to compensate for the reduction in the yield of tax charges on the registration document. For example, winnings made on registration cards amounted to 140 billion euros in the Pays de la Loire for the year 2019. The profits recorded last year are estimated at 113 billion euros. The removal of the exemption for hybrids will make it possible to maximize the profits made thanks to the registration document.

Concerning the duplicate of the registration document, we notice a price drop. For illustration, you had to pay 49.76 euros in the Aubergine–Rhône-Alpes region to obtain it. In 2023, you will only have to pay 13.76 euros to have a duplicate of a registration document. However, the driver must pay a sum of 2.76 euros to recover a copy of the registration document for your car if it is registered in the FNI system.

Some regions affected by these changes

From January 1, 2023, drivers who want to complete the procedures for registering their car must pay a higher amount. These new measures concern certain regions of France. These include, among others:

  • of New Aquitaine,
  • from Pays de la Loire,
  • of Hauts-de-France.

The price of obtaining the grey card has increased, because these departments have chosen to increase the cost of the tax horse to protect their economy. In terms of price increases, the French region of Pays de la Loire tops the rankings. For having their registration card, motorists in this department will face a 6.2% increase in the cost of the tax horse. The price of this charge is 51 euros. This fluctuation makes the region the second with the most expensive tax horse. This makes the city of Nantes one of the French metropolises in which registering a car is the most expensive.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine stands out from the previous region with an increase of 4.80%. The price of the tax horse in this department is 43 euros. Despite the increase in registration certificate prices (4.50%), the Hauts-de-France department has the least expensive tax horse in France. The price of this tax is equivalent to 34.50 euros.

In addition, the cost of the tax horse in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region is equivalent to 51.20 euros. On the other hand, the national average price of this regional tax is around 44.20 euros. Consequently, the price of the tax horse then increased by 1.1% compared to the year 2022.

Regions concerned


Unit cost of the fiscal horse

New Aquitaine



Pays de la Loire






Payment registration card

Tips for knowing the price of your registration card in advance

The first thing to do to know the price of the registration document in advance is to identify and consider the determining criteria. These parameters are numerous. Among them, we can cite: the age of the car, the CO2 emission rate, the place of residence, the fiscal power, the energy, etc.

Then, you have to calculate the price of the registration document. Here, it is recommended to add the criteria cited above. Other taxes must also be added such as management taxes and transportation fee taxes. This calculation can be done following a given procedure.

People who want to know the price of their registration card without much difficulty can use a simulator. This tool allows you to calculate the price of a registration certificate in just a few clicks. To do this, simply indicate the nature of the process. It may concern the purchase of a used car and the change of status or address. Finally, you must also consider the region of residence.

car owner registration document price

What are the payment options available?

Today, it is complicated, if not impossible, to pay your registration card using a check or paying in cash. These difficulties have emerged since the closure of all counters in all prefectures. The procedures are now dematerialized in the same way as the declaration of car sales. However, it is possible to settle the payment for obtaining a registration document by contacting professionals who have a physical agency.

To facilitate the procedures, it is recommended to use your credit card to pay the costs of obtaining your registration document. You must go online to pay the funds. It exist many specialized platforms that facilitate payment fees for obtaining a registration certificate. These sites authorized by the Ministry of the Interior also offer other payment methods, such as PayPal.

It is also possible to pay in several installments. The fees for obtaining a registration document can be paid in three installments. On the other hand, the driver can pay in 4 instalments if he uses his bank card. These two payment methods (credit card and PayPal) are both reliable and practical.

However, the ANTS platform only authorizes the use of a bank card to pay the costs of obtaining a registration document. In addition, they must be paid at once. The driver is not obliged to pay these fees using your bank card. Whether it belongs to a friend, a family member or their spouse, it is possible to use anyone’s credit card. The procedure is also the same, simply enter the key information (number, expiration date and cryptogram of the bank card) and press the button to record the payment.

Some automotive professionals offer their customers payment by check and postal order. Bank transfers are also permitted. But, the processing time of these different payment methods is long.

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